Graphic Design, Illustration
About This Project

The Allendale Brewery were in the process of deciding where to take their business next. To help them make a decision I was asked to create some conceptual artwork based upon their existing range but with a twist.


Tsar Bar’l – Export Stout 7.4%

To reflect the intensity of the stout I created a powerful concept based upon a bunch of Russian elements. This includes one of the spires at the top of St. Basil’s Cathedral, khokhloma (wood painting) patterns and matryoshka (nesting) doll lips.


Duergar – Dwarven Double IPA 7.4%

Similarly to the Tsar Bar’l design I wanted to create a concept with impact. This time it was based upon the legend of the Simonside dwarfs so the paisley has been decorated with Celtic/Viking patterns.